Floor Cleaning Machine


If you are after a floor scrubber equipment that is economical, easy to use and provides a professional clean, then you have come to the right place. We have a range of machines for different industry floor cleaning applications and floor surfaces. From carpets to timber to tiles, we have floor cleaners to suit your specific need. All of our products are either Italian or German made and can be purchased on a payment plan if you require. We have happy customers in a range of sectors, including contract cleaning, healthcare, education, accommodation and more.

Need help selecting the best floor cleaning machine for you? We have the solution.

The ability to deep clean and maintain a hygienic and mess free floor surface is important for any home or business. A clean floor is not just about appearance. It can impact a variety of different areas, such as hygiene, OH&S and allergic reactions. Carpets are renowned for trapping dust deep within its fibres. Tiles are known for hard to clean grout lines. Whatever your floor type, we will have a floor cleaner that can meet all of your floor cleaning requirements.

Types of cleaning issues our floor scrubber equipment can take care of include spill management, spot cleaning, deep cleaning, regular cleaning, deodorising, steam cleaning and more.

The Most Versatile Floor Cleaning Machines

We have Italian-made carpet cleaning machines for commercial, industrial and domestic floor cleaning applications. Whether you are a floor cleaning machine, floor scrubber or another type of commercial floor cleaning machine, we have a selection of quality floor cleaning equipment. Unlike traditional floor cleaning equipment that can break down after months of use, our floor cleaning equipment will last you for decades to come.

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Industry applications

Choose from a floor cleaner, floor scrubber machine or industrial floor cleaner machine to get the job done for your industry. We are the experts in floor cleaning and help you decide on the best floor cleaning machine for your specific industry issue. Our equipment is also OH&S friendly. Prevent trips, slips and falls by using any of our steam floor cleaners. Floors dry within minutes, not hours.